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The family business Pacapime is one of the largest producers of corrugated board in Belgium. The company is able to create numerous applications for this material.

The ready-to-use packaging, that is especially popular with the food sector, offers unlimited possibilities. With the slogan “Our corrugated board wraps anything”, Pacapime remains at the forefront of its industry. With more than 100 years of experience in corrugated cardboard, supplying a quality product and maintaining a flexible attitude toward the clients, Pacapime is part of the top of  the market leader.

We see this website as management’s opportunity to express our gratitude to all employees, clients and suppliers who have contributed to the success of the company Pacapime.

Paul and Ludo Pissens

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In 1919 Anton Pissens began a paper factory in Leuven. In 1927 the family Meurrens joined him. Pacapime saw the ‘light’ as the name referred to both the paper and the corrugated business as well as the management Pissens-Meurrens.

During the war the infrastructure and machinery in Leuven were destroyed. After the war the company moved to Halle, its current location.

In 1976 a great fire destroyed half of the machinery and infrastructure of Pacapime. It allowed for a complete modernisation of the production unit that resulted in an explosive growth in the later part of the 70’s.

In the early eighties the third generation took over the management of Pacapime: Tony, Ludo and Paul Pissens. Continuous investment in ultra modern means of production allowed  Pacapime to become an important player on the Benelux market.

In 2003 Pacapime entered in an important equity participation in the former Lammers & Van Cleeff, currently known as L.C. Packaging. This is the company that besides selling all kind of packaging for the print an vegetable market handles our foreign and domestic sales .

Pacapime feels strongly commit to new trends in the corrugated market and will therefor continue the process of renewing and investment.

And the beginning of 2005, we started with high-quality Masterflex printing.

In January 2007, we invested in a new Corrugator that is the largest and most expensive machinery in the corrugated manufacturing process. The same year, we also implemented a new Revicart-machine to produce TwinBox® concept.

In the beginning of 2009, Pacapime will start a subsidiary in Hungary to focus on the East-European market. In 2010 to start a color rotary machine



Pacapime makes a variety of corrugated cardboard boxes. These include American Glue lap boxes in an extensive variety of sizes; die cut boxes/trays to individual customer requirements.

Clients and markets

The main markets for Pacapime are the Benelux countries, France and Germany. 80% of our sales are in the food .

To deliver to the Eastern market Pacapime expands to Hungary at the beginning of 2009.

Working area

The working area in Halle has a floor plan of 4,5 ha. The 150 employees are spread over a number of disciplines. At Pacapime we have four productions units, a storage area for paper (6 000 m²), and production area (15000m²) , warehousing for finished products (21 000 m²),  and an administrative building , a commercial service division, and  a research and development department .

Our products



Due to our excellent collaboration with LC Packaging we have the possibility to deliver different types of erected boxes, already glued and ready to be used.




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